Saturday, December 12, 2009

My new home

I've created a new blog for life after the wedding. You can find me over here now. But, I think I will still post a few more wedding photos here before I'm gone for good. I hope to see you at my new home!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Group shots

Leaving for photos

I'll post more photos later, it's rough going through 1,060 photos!

First...getting ready photos...

Here are some photos from the wedding by the lovely Alyssa Maloof!

Getting ready...

Me and my baby puppy (okay, he's 4)

Practicing for the boudoir photos

Me and my Momma

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I've been MIA for awhile now...

but, I'm a married lady now! I'll post some updates this weekend when I have a minute to breathe. It's been non stop since the wedding Oct. 3!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I'm flying to Boston tomorrow to visit my friend Ana! I can't wait to get away for a few days. Ana and I will be going to a spa Saturday (I think I mentioned the facial in the last post) and Bradley will be driving to Boston Saturday after work. It'll be a nice long weekend.

P.S. Today is one month until the wedding! And I have so much left to do...ugh.

Friday, August 28, 2009

The body/face prep begins!

Tonight, I went with my mom to get our first spray tans! I wanted to get one for the wedding, so we decided to try it ahead of time. I'll be honest, it freaked me out a little! I didn't know what to expect and when the spray came I was caught off guard because I couldn't understand the automated lady talking to me. It was hard to breathe because if you opened your mouth you got spray in it. Plus, it was really cold and as soon as it started I knew I should have visited the ladies prior. But, I made it through, all like 5 minutes of it, and now I'm just waiting patiently for the tan to come. I even did a level higher than the girl there said most people do, so let's hope this works!
Next up is my first facial when I go to visit my friend next weekend in Boston! I CANNOT WAIT! Whatever nasty crap is in my face they need to get it out! I'll be sure to do a before and after photo.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sorta bummed

So, I'm starting to think i made a mistake with the venue we chose for our ceremony/reception and it's bumming me out. When we first met with the coordinator at Abington, over a year ago, there were certain things I wanted to do and was told would be no problem. First, I wanted our dog to at least be at the ceremony and I was told he could come to the ceremony but not the reception, then once we signed the contract, it was suddenly against the rules altogether! Second, I asked about having a photo booth and was told that would be fine, then apparently, between the time I originally asked and the second time I brought it up, someone had one and it didn't go well, so now it's no longer allowed. It can be outside, but then I'd have to rent a tent to cover it. I suggested making our own photo booth and I got, "They take up a lot of room as well," in response! I also asked about hanging paper lanterns inside the reception area, they can only be hung on the outside edge, which, let's be honest, looks kinda dumb. Then I suggested stringing lights across the top, she had a reason why that wasn't a good idea as well. I'm getting really frustrated, I honestly would have chosen another spot if I'd known it was gonna be like this! I did a search for wedding photos take where I'm getting married and found one where there is a shadow cast on the ceiling and found out it's called Gobo lighting, I did a little research and found out I can buy the projector for like $170, but thought that seemed a little excessive for one day. I emailed one place about rentals and they've yet to email me back. Then the lady from Abington suggested a DJ that works with them a lot, so I called him, yeah his packages start at $1200! That is really not in the budget, we're already unsure of where we're getting the money for what we've already booked! So, now I just feel like my wedding reception is going to be a room with a cement floor and no dance floor and no lighting or decorations. I'm really not happy right now. I should have just gone with the more expensive venue that had everything included!
I know it's about the marriage and not the reception lighting, but let's be honest, if I didn't care, I'd have gotten married years ago in a courthouse!