Monday, June 29, 2009

It fits!!!!

I tried my dress on tonight and it fits!  I still want to lose a few more pounds but not too many.  There's a ton of boning in the dress, which oddly I didn't realize before, so when i try to sit it's a little awkward.  I told Bradley he'll just have to prop me on the chair when we eat!  I'm so glad it fits and my aunt didn't have to yell at anyone!  :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The wedding dress saga continues...

Some of you might know that my wedding dress doesn't fit me, it's too small.  It's been a few months since I've tried it on and I go back to try it on Monday.  It was always slightly fishy that a size 1o gown wasn't fitting me AT ALL.  I normally wear a 6, sometimes even a 4 and while I know bridal gowns are sized differently a size 4 sizes bigger than mine should fit!  So, I decided to go back to the original store where I tried the dress on (I ordered it from a bridal salon that didn't carry the designer but was willing to order me the dress at $525 less (not that they knew that) so I went with it).  Thinking that if I could fit into the dress at the store (because I had when I first tried it on) and it was a size 10 or smaller at least I'd know for sure something was funky with my dress.  I went to try on the dress this morning and whatayaknow, it fit AND it was a size 8!  Now I know if when I try my actual dress on in two days and it still doesn't fit there's a problem.  And if that happens I'm letting my aunt loose on them!  I've already asked them to reorder the dress which they told me can only happen if I buy a whole new dress, so if it turns out it really is not my fault the dress doesn't fit they're going to have to deal with my aunt and she's scary.  For real, she'll be calling the better business bureau on them.  I hope the dress fits!

Rehearsal Dinner

I've been searching for the perfect dress for my rehearsal dinner.  It's being held at a bar/restaurant that my uncle is the head of the kitchen at and the owner is a long time family friend, so I figured I could probably get a good deal.  It's not my first choice, but the price is good and it's better than my original idea of having it at home!  It's not going to be super fancy, but I really wanted to take advantage and wear a great dress.  Today, I was in Haddonfield and I parked right by a bridal salon.  One of the dresses in the window was so pretty I really wanted to try it on.  I went inside with my cousin (also one of my MOH) and asked for the dress off the mannequin, but when I found out the price, I figured I totally wouldn't get it.  I decided to try it on anyway and once it was on, I fell in love with it!  People in the store were coming up to me before they left to tell me how great the dress was!  It's $235 though.  That might not be a lot for some people, but for me it's a lot.  I'm going to go back next week though.  What do you think is a reasonable price to spend on a rehearsal dinner dress?

Isn't preetttyyyy???  The designer is LOVE.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Food, Inc.

Before I go to bed.   Has anyone seen the new movie, "Food, Inc."?  I haven't seen it yet, but I can't wait!  The only reason I haven't seen it yet is because I'm planning to drag my mother with me (the fiance will come willingly) and she's on vacation right now, so I have to wait, though I have considered just seeing it twice.  I'm all about this stuff.  Ever since I read "Fast Food Nation" in college I've stopped eating at McDonald's altogether and limit my other fast food consumption (though I do admit I'm addicted to Chick fil a).  My fiance and I are by no means "rolling in it" but I do try to buy organic as much as possible, we generally only drink organic milk and eat cage free eggs and I also buy cage free, antibiotic free chicken and free range beef (though we east mostly chicken) and I want other people to see why they should buy these things also because I know the more people who buy it, the more affordable and available it'll become!  Anyway, I hope everyone goes to see this movie!  I'll write more about it once I've seen it.

A tiny update, invitations, bridesmaid dresses and registries oh my!

This'll be short because it's my bedtime!  A lot of wedding stuff is coming together, with only a little more than 3 months to go!  The invitations came in the mail the other day!  The bridesmaids dresses are in!  We did our cake tasting tonight.  And I just got done trying to sort through our 3 registries after my friend called earlier to yell at me (apparently my shower invitations were mailed) so I went through all 3 registries (we had 4 but I nixed one).  It's hard because we wanted to give people a lot of options and price ranges, but my friend swears if I don't get rid of some stuff, we're going to end up getting things we don't really want.  But what if people don't want to spend $130 on a Griddler (though I hope they do because that's the one thing I really want, I'm all about the grilled wraps!) or $400 on pots?  I know a registry is supposed to be about what you want, it's supposed to be a wishlist (at least that's what the guy at Bed, Bath and Beyond tried to sell me on) but I still feel guilty about some of the prices of things.  Oh well, I guess we'll just see what happens!
In other news, I try my dress on again on Monday and I'm trying to lose 6 pounds before then.  I lost 1.8 lbs. last week, but I'm hoping the weight magically falls off while I sleep Sunday night, though tasting wedding cake I'm sure isn't helping!  I'm drinking Myoplex shakes in the morning and eating salad or sushi for lunch and a healthy dinner.  And doing P90x and spinning, I don't know why the fat won't let go of me!!
Okay, I'm off to bed!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I found these at DSW today, I think they're super cute but when I texted my friends a photo, I got responses like, "Yuck" or "Eh, not a fan" except my mom, she liked them, which is surprising I didn't think she would.  What do you all think?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Camping Adventure!

My future husband, started a new job last August and while he accumulates vacation and sick time he's not allowed use any of it.  This really doesn't leave for any vacations this summer, so we have to take advantage of holiday weekends (he normally 6 days a week) so holiday weekends gives him 2 days in a row off!  So, we are planning to go camping 4th of July weekend.  He's never been tent camping, this should be fun!  We're thinking somewhere near Rehoboth Beach, DE.  Not too far away, just a few hours and close to the beach!  My plan is beach all day and nights by the camp fire with s'mores!  
I grew up camping every summer with my family, but they've since graduated from tents to pop up to full trailer, so it looks like we'll be buying our own tent for this little adventure (maybe it'll lead to a new little tradition of our own).  I found a few nice tents at  I think this one should work for us and give us room to grow.  And it's on sale for $79.99!  And the air mattress (on sale for $27) should work for sleeping!  My mom has a little stove/grill thing we can borrow to cook on.  Oh, wait, I forgot I don't have a sleeping bag anymore?!  I have to look for that, I know I got a Coleman for Christmas one year (before that it was Babysitter's Club), but that could've been when I was 15!  I'll have to ask my mom.
I'm looking forward to getting a little time alone.  It's funny, once I hit 15 I was pretty much over camping with the family, but now I'm looking forward to it.  What's bad about hanging at the beach, swimming in the pool, eating s'mores and hotdogs cooked over the fire and cuddling with the one you love in a tent?  I'll be sure to take my camera and take pictures!