Saturday, June 27, 2009

The wedding dress saga continues...

Some of you might know that my wedding dress doesn't fit me, it's too small.  It's been a few months since I've tried it on and I go back to try it on Monday.  It was always slightly fishy that a size 1o gown wasn't fitting me AT ALL.  I normally wear a 6, sometimes even a 4 and while I know bridal gowns are sized differently a size 4 sizes bigger than mine should fit!  So, I decided to go back to the original store where I tried the dress on (I ordered it from a bridal salon that didn't carry the designer but was willing to order me the dress at $525 less (not that they knew that) so I went with it).  Thinking that if I could fit into the dress at the store (because I had when I first tried it on) and it was a size 10 or smaller at least I'd know for sure something was funky with my dress.  I went to try on the dress this morning and whatayaknow, it fit AND it was a size 8!  Now I know if when I try my actual dress on in two days and it still doesn't fit there's a problem.  And if that happens I'm letting my aunt loose on them!  I've already asked them to reorder the dress which they told me can only happen if I buy a whole new dress, so if it turns out it really is not my fault the dress doesn't fit they're going to have to deal with my aunt and she's scary.  For real, she'll be calling the better business bureau on them.  I hope the dress fits!

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