Sunday, June 7, 2009

Camping Adventure!

My future husband, started a new job last August and while he accumulates vacation and sick time he's not allowed use any of it.  This really doesn't leave for any vacations this summer, so we have to take advantage of holiday weekends (he normally 6 days a week) so holiday weekends gives him 2 days in a row off!  So, we are planning to go camping 4th of July weekend.  He's never been tent camping, this should be fun!  We're thinking somewhere near Rehoboth Beach, DE.  Not too far away, just a few hours and close to the beach!  My plan is beach all day and nights by the camp fire with s'mores!  
I grew up camping every summer with my family, but they've since graduated from tents to pop up to full trailer, so it looks like we'll be buying our own tent for this little adventure (maybe it'll lead to a new little tradition of our own).  I found a few nice tents at  I think this one should work for us and give us room to grow.  And it's on sale for $79.99!  And the air mattress (on sale for $27) should work for sleeping!  My mom has a little stove/grill thing we can borrow to cook on.  Oh, wait, I forgot I don't have a sleeping bag anymore?!  I have to look for that, I know I got a Coleman for Christmas one year (before that it was Babysitter's Club), but that could've been when I was 15!  I'll have to ask my mom.
I'm looking forward to getting a little time alone.  It's funny, once I hit 15 I was pretty much over camping with the family, but now I'm looking forward to it.  What's bad about hanging at the beach, swimming in the pool, eating s'mores and hotdogs cooked over the fire and cuddling with the one you love in a tent?  I'll be sure to take my camera and take pictures!

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