Friday, August 21, 2009

Sorta bummed

So, I'm starting to think i made a mistake with the venue we chose for our ceremony/reception and it's bumming me out. When we first met with the coordinator at Abington, over a year ago, there were certain things I wanted to do and was told would be no problem. First, I wanted our dog to at least be at the ceremony and I was told he could come to the ceremony but not the reception, then once we signed the contract, it was suddenly against the rules altogether! Second, I asked about having a photo booth and was told that would be fine, then apparently, between the time I originally asked and the second time I brought it up, someone had one and it didn't go well, so now it's no longer allowed. It can be outside, but then I'd have to rent a tent to cover it. I suggested making our own photo booth and I got, "They take up a lot of room as well," in response! I also asked about hanging paper lanterns inside the reception area, they can only be hung on the outside edge, which, let's be honest, looks kinda dumb. Then I suggested stringing lights across the top, she had a reason why that wasn't a good idea as well. I'm getting really frustrated, I honestly would have chosen another spot if I'd known it was gonna be like this! I did a search for wedding photos take where I'm getting married and found one where there is a shadow cast on the ceiling and found out it's called Gobo lighting, I did a little research and found out I can buy the projector for like $170, but thought that seemed a little excessive for one day. I emailed one place about rentals and they've yet to email me back. Then the lady from Abington suggested a DJ that works with them a lot, so I called him, yeah his packages start at $1200! That is really not in the budget, we're already unsure of where we're getting the money for what we've already booked! So, now I just feel like my wedding reception is going to be a room with a cement floor and no dance floor and no lighting or decorations. I'm really not happy right now. I should have just gone with the more expensive venue that had everything included!
I know it's about the marriage and not the reception lighting, but let's be honest, if I didn't care, I'd have gotten married years ago in a courthouse!

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