Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hairstyles I'm thinking of for my wedding

I think my dress is pretty classic, and it reminds me of old Hollywood glamour.  I think I'd like to stick to that style with my hair as well.  Here are a few styles I like.

I found this one today on Brooklyn Bride.  The bride's name is Kait and the photos are by Kella MacPhee.  (Her dress is also beautiful, btw.)
I like this hair a lot, though I'm not sure it's really old Hollywood glamour.  It's Serena from Gossip Girl.  There are tiny braids weaved in with the curls.  And my dress is pretty backless so I like the way the headband could hang down my back almost like jewelry.

I'm also a fan of the side swept messy bun (which is a slight variation on the way i way my hair every other day, in a messy ponytail bun.)  Below are Naomi Watts and Michelle Williams who illustrate it perfectly.

I love, love, love this veil (but sadly, the $700 price tag is not in the budget!)  But, a girl can dream!  This veil can be found here.  I'll probably end up making my own veil!

I'm also considering one hairstyle for the ceremony and another for the reception, with something like this headband from Jennifer Behr.  But, chances are, if I do a second hairstyle, I'll be doing it myself and I'm not sure I want to put that pressure on myself!  Because sometimes hair just doesn't do what you want it to do!


Emily said...

I recently decided on a a Birdcage Veil (watching reese witherspoon in the Sweet Home Alabama Wedding Scene for the 1,000 time, tipped the scales for me) and found this great site for them Good Luck!

Melinda said...

Thanks Emily! I didn't even know anyone read this blog and i just discovered people have commented!