Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I swear I'll be better

It's 2009 and I'm going to be a better bride, I swear!  I'll admit it, I've pretty much been a lame bride and an even worse bride blogger, but that will change.  Our Save the Dates came in yesterday.  I'll post them tomorrow (our printer needs ink, so apparently that also means it can't scan either!)  I also ordered return address labels for the Save the Dates with just our address, since we don't share the same last name yet.  I plan to get a stamp made for the Thank You cards once we're married.
I just spent like 4 hours looking at wedding stuff online and trying to research honeymoon options and I feel like I've accomplished nothing!  Weddings really can suck away your time.  

Does anyone have any honeymoon suggestions?  I'm really liking the balcony jacuzzi at Dreams Puerto Aventuras Resort & Spa and it's actually not that expensive.  I mean, I wouldn't say it was cheap, but it's maybe doable!

Ok, I need to go make my lunch and shower.  Night!

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