Tuesday, January 27, 2009


First, I want to say thank you to all the people who actually read this blog, I had no idea anyone read it!  Does anyone know how I can actually add my blog list to the side bar of my blog page?  So that everyone who reads my blog can also click on the links of the other blogs if they want (it's how I've found most of the blogs I read).

Okay, on to the tux!  
Here is the tux I've chosen for the men:

It's from Men's Wearhouse.  Ralph Lauren, 3 button.  Does the amount of buttons mean anything other than the amount of buttons?  ha.  If that makes sense!  I was going to leave the choosing to my fiance, but I realized if I leave it to him, it won't happen until last minute, so I chose and he agreed.  

And below are the 2 vest/tie options until I can decide on a bridesmaid dress color.  My first choice is the pink or as they call it "Tuscany Watermelon."  The fiance also likes this, which is surprising because when I first said pink, he was appalled!  haha.  But, I think if the girls carry pink flowers to match and I wear pink shoes, it'll all come together quite nicely!  Speaking of shoes, anyone know of any cute, kitten heeled shoes that either can be dyed or are already pink?  Thanks!


tickledwhimsy said...

If you go into your dashboard on blogger, there will be a list of blogs you follow. At the bottom of this list there will be a little "what is following" thing you can click on. Click on that, and it will walk you through adding a following widget to your page so people can just click and add you.

Hope that helps, otherwise you can search through the help topics on blogger. Cheers.

Melinda said...

Thank you!