Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bridesmaid dresses chosen!

My bridesmaids, my mother and I all went out to look for dresses today.  I really needed to finalize what they'd be wearing so I could decide about the flowers and the rest of the color scheme.  I had intended for them to wear gunmetal grey, but the dresses they ended up liking were a different material so they came in silver not, gunmetal and once I saw what "silver" really looked like, I wasn't loving it!  In fact, none of the colors were that great, so it's between black and coffee.  Of course, they had NO coffee colored dresses in the store, so I'm waiting for swatches in the mail.  The girls chose 2 dresses.  The one is my favorite and the other one is okay, I don't love it, but a couple of the girls did and really I want them to be comfortable.  

So, three girls will be wearing this dress:
And two will be wearing this dress:

And oddly, they actually kinda go together, even though they're two totally different dresses.

Now my concern is, if the girls wear black dresses can the guys wear black tuxes or will that be too much black?

I also made an appointment to try my dress on February 9!  I'm kinda freaked about it, what if it doesn't fit!


Michelle @ My Wedding Report said...

I think they will go together really well. I'm hoping to maybe do 2-3 styles.

Also, I think black dress and black tuxes will be okay. What color flowers are you doing? They can really pop against the dress. You can also add fun color by maybe having everyone get the same color shoe or giving the groomsmen matching socks/ties with color.

Also, I added you to my blog list page. Please feel free to add me to yours!

Melinda said...

Thanks Michelle, I added you to my list! I'm hoping the girls will be carrying dark pink flowers. My color scheme will hopefully end up being black, pink, grey and white. But, it depends on what I decide for the bmaid dress color I guess! I'm good at changing my mind. :)

r- m val said...

we had black bm dresses and black tuxes and it looked great. the flowers will really stand out that way. i've also been in two weddings since that did the same thing. email me if you wanna see some pics and i'll see what i can find. our photographer flaked and i still don't have professional pics.

jenifer said...

Great finds.!! Both dresses are really awesome. Want to see the front view of black dress.

Melinda said...

r-m val, sorry to hear about your photographer! I'd love to see any photos you want to show me though.