Tuesday, January 13, 2009


The wedding is about 10 months away, so I figure it's time to start planning the honeymoon part of the wedding.  Initially, I was going to plan this all myself, but a few people pointed out that I'd be better off letting a travel agent do it.  So, my friend Erin (who just got married this October) recommended her agent and I emailed her this criteria- it needs to be warm, around $3,000 for 7 nights w/ air for two and we'd prefer all inclusive, oh and I'd like a pool/hot tub in our room!  I thought we'd end up going to a Sandals, but apparently October is HURRICANE SEASON so the TA suggested Aruba.  I'm not entirely opposed to Aruba, but there's nothing about it that wows me.  We're supposed to get some brochures in the mail, so maybe my mind will change.  I also suggested Greece or maybe South America?  But, Greece shares the same seasons as us, so in October it'll be pretty cold and S. America is opposite us, so it'll be kinda like Spring or maybe even colder.  So, I'm not doing too well!  Bradley has never been out of the country so he's up for anywhere, but I kinda would like to go somewhere more original, if that makes sense?  My desire to have things different than everyone else all the time really makes for difficulty when decisions need to be made.  And I bet after all this will just end up going to Aruba!
Does anyone have any ideas?

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