Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just a tiny rant

I know I mentioned before that my wedding dress does not fit and initially I assumed it was just me too fat to fit in it, but now I'm wondering.  I was talking to my friend Erin today about the whole thing and it got me thinking.  According to the seamstress the dress is 4 inches too small, which is a lot!  I should start by giving a little background to where we are now.  I originally tried the sample dress on months and months ago at a bridal salon, my mom was looking for a reason to take a day off and even though my wedding was more than a year away I offered to go look at dresses.  A few months later, I went to a different bridal salon to see what they had to offer.  Every dress I tried on I compared to the dress I tried on at the other store and I mentioned it to the consultant, she left the room and came back with a brochure with the dress in it.  They don't sell that designer but she offered to order it for me.  So, she took my measurements (and my mom's money) but she didn't have a size chart so she said she'd call me the next day with the size (this is the detail I had forgotten!) so she called me the next day with the news that based on my measurements I was a size 8 in the chest and hips and between a 10-12 in the stomach (fun news) and she ordered a size 10 saying that there was only an inch difference between sizes.  When I tried my dress on last Monday my consultant put it over my head and pulled it down, the chest part was sticking way out and it didn't zip up the last bit, it could have but we didn't try because we didn't want to rip it.  So, I'm like okay, I know I gained weight, it's winter and I'm not so motivated and an inch isn't so bad.  THEN, the seamstress comes in and says, "It's like this" and pulls my dress down so now the chest isn't sticking out (and pretty much fits) and I say, "It's like an inch too small."  And she says, "Try 4."  How is it possible that the dress is 4 inches too small??  I gained like 5 lbs. at the most not 20!  I never got a chance to check the size (to be honest, I didn't even think to) so now I'm wondering if they ordered the wrong size (I'm normally a size 6)  I know dresses are sized higher but not 4 sizes higher, right?  Today I was also wondering if maybe they went with a different designer's size chart since when I left the store they didn't have a size chart.  The thing is, at this point, I'm kinda stuck with the dress, I can't prove anything.  At first I was fine with losing the weight but every time I say it's 4 inches too small people react like I'm trying to lose 5o lbs. in 2 weeks!  Which is starting to make me doubt the possibility of me losing the weight and fitting in my dress!  I have 6 months before the dress needs to be altered and I was thinking I need to lose like 15 lbs., I already lost 2 just from counting my calories last week.  Is 15 not doable?  I'm going to try the dress on again next month to see if I'm any closer to fitting into it.  Ugh.

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