Sunday, February 1, 2009

My latest attempt, a final solution?

I read Michelle's latest entry on her blog My Wedding Report about getting in shape for her wedding and it's gotten me thinking.  I've already been telling myself that I need to lose weight for my wedding, but I haven't been successful, in fact, truth be told, I've been GAINING weight!  Which is just beyond ridiculous!  My friend told me she thinks it's because I'm building muscle from all the spinning I'm doing, but I have my doubts.  So, after reading Michelle's post I started to think that maybe I need to start looking at getting in shape for my wedding as training for an event?  I need to take it that seriously, otherwise, October is going to get here and I'm going to be disappointed.  Not only will I feel bad on my wedding day, but the honeymoon won't be as fun either if I'm embarrassed to be seen in a bikini.  I was just telling Bradley today (as we were registering at our 3rd and hopefully final place) that we could probably get away with using the luggage I already own because we're going somewhere warm so we'll need less clothes.  I want to only pack bikinis, little dresses, shorts and tanks!  I don't want to deal with trying to hide my body on my honeymoon!  It's not that I'm extremely overweight by any means, I'm just not tiny like I used to be and I want tiny back!  Maybe I just need to face facts, I'm not going to get tiny back unless I start getting super strict about my workouts and eating (which, sadly, means no more free Chick-fil-a breakfast on Tuesdays).  I need to force myself to workout for at least an hour, six days a week which I've yet to be able to do.  I only get one wedding day as far as I'm concerned and I want to look amazing for it!  (Plus, my fiance is getting in better shape so I really can't be a fat bride!)   Oh, and did I mention my fiance told me he didn't see why I can't spin before work AND after?  Yeah, so I think he's trying to tell me something!
Here's the plan:

Spinning @ 6 am M-F for 45 minutes
Spinning after work Tuesdays and Thursdays for 3o minutes
Lifting after work Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays
Spinning on Saturday mornings for an hour
Stretching/Yoga for 2o minutes before bed every night (I'm REALLY not flexible so I need to start small with this)   
If I can touch my toes by my wedding day, it might be a miracle, that's how not flexible I am.
Oh, and I almost forgot ABS, I need to firm as I'm losing weight, so abs every night with stretching/yoga!
As for the eating part of this plan, well food is my downfall, it's my first love, let's be honest!  But, I'll cut out the eating out and eat more chicken, salad and veggies and go back to no soda (I had stopped drinking soda for a few years, but lately I've been drinking it again).  I wish I had a nutritionist and a trainer, but without those, this plan will have to do.  Unless, anyone else has any ideas?

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Michelle @ My Wedding Report said...

We're in the club together! :) Keep me updated on how things go. Your plan looks great though. I think food is my downfall too.