Saturday, April 25, 2009

My new best friend or worst enemy

For my birthday, about a month ago, I got a Polar FT60 heart rate monitor watch.  I'd been looking for a HR monitor for awhile and was planning to get a Polar when I had the money.  So, when I received an Ipod Touch from both my mother and fiance I took one back and got the HR monitor!  I was originally planning to get a lower priced model, but since I using the money from a return essentially I was able to get a better model!  The FT60 is like a personal trainer on your wrist.  When you first get it, you perform a fitness test, which is really just your resting HR, then you decide whether your goal is to maintain your fitness level, improve or lose weight.  Once you decide the watch tells you based on your fitness test, weight, height and age how many hours you need to workout in a week and how many calories you need to burn and what HR zone you should be in for the hours you workout.  At the end of the week it gives you feedback on the week (I keep getting "train more this week"), tells you to weigh yourself again and your goals for the upcoming week.  If you do everything your supposed to and reach your goals, a little trophy flashes on the screen!
I have yet to receive this trophy.  I am obviously not working out as much as I should be.  My problem is, as soon as I take a day off, it turns into three days off!  This is a problem as my wedding dress still does not fit!  I tried it on a few weeks ago and while it's closer to fitting, it still does not and the minute I put it on, I start to sweat.  This really does not excite me.  I'm starting to not like my dress, which is probably due to it not fitting, but still that doesn't make me feel any better about it!  I can't seem to get and stay below 126 lbs.  I weighed myself last week and I was at 125 but this morning I was back to 126.6!  I'm trying not to, but I'm starting to get discouraged.  And I asked about getting a larger dress and apparently to do that I'd have to pay for a whole new dress, which is NOT in the budget!  Ugh.  My goal is to get that friggin trophy come Monday morning when I wake up, but tomorrow is Sunday and I have 800 more calories to burn this week!  Guess I'll be on my Spin bike for 3 hrs. tomorrow!
Do any of you have any tips for getting rid of side fat?  My whole problem is my belly, especially those love handles!  Help me!

Isn't it pretty?

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