Wednesday, April 8, 2009

NY Magazine's Bridal Event- Twobirds Bridesmaid

I first saw this dress(es) on the Martha Stewart show I think sometime last year.  I thought it would be the perfect option for my bridesmaids, unfortunately it was a little out of the price range I was willing to ask them to spend, but it's still a fabulous idea!  Twobirds Bridesmaid was at the NY Magazine event, so I took a few photos to show all you ladies.  It's one dress that can be worn in over 10 different ways (the woman at the table told me 16 I believe)!  It fits size 0-16 and they now offer a plus sized option as well!  Trying to get all the different styles created makes me nervous though, I have a blanket/poncho that folds into a bag and it takes me a half hour to figure it out every time!  But that's just me!  What do you think?