Monday, April 6, 2009

NY Magazine's Bridal Event

Last week I attended NY Magazine's Bridal Event with my mother.  We walked 25 blocks to get there (we live in NJ right outside of Philadelphia and took the train from Secaucus)  for some reason we thought this was a good idea, it was not.  By the time we got there our feet were killing us!  We learned though, when we left we took the subway back to the bus station, our aching feet and 20 lb. gift bags helped make that decision for us!
Speaking of the gift bags, they were really nice!  Two hardback books, 2 magazines, two bars of dark chocolate, a water bottle, a wedding day survival kit, Korres sunblock and Redken straightening spray as well as a bunch of other stuff!
It's taking me some time to get all the photos sorted and ready to post, so I'll start with Victoria's Secret Bridal that I took some photos of.  I'm a fan of the ruffled panties, super cute!

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