Saturday, March 14, 2009

Photo opt?

For the wedding we were hoping to have a photo booth at that reception since we got engaged in a photo booth, but the coordinator at our location isn't too fond of the idea (though before we signed a contract she didn't have a problem with it) and also it's not exactly cheap.  So, I was thinking about making our own photo booth set up and then I was thinking about leaving cool cameras at each table for the guests to use, like Holgas, Dianas, just different cameras that produce interesting photos.  And today I found this and thought it might be the best of both ideas?

What do you all think?  It's still kinda pricey, but half the cost of the photo booth at least and in this case we could keep the camera!  I'm kind of a camera freak.  I like to collect old ones.  Plus, I own a Nikon D40, a Canon Elan II e, and an old Pentax K 1000.  Actually, writing this makes me want to get back into photography again!  Maybe I should take another class?  Okay, getting off topic sorry!

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