Saturday, March 7, 2009

Veils...will I ever find one I love?

I've got the dress and the shoes and now I need the veil.  I've tried on a few, but so far, haven't found one I love.  I'm looking for a birdcage veil and so far I tried on a really poofy one and the kind that just clips to both sides of your face in your hair.  I like the second type better, but I still like to try one that kinda comes down on an angle and clips towards the back of your head.  I've even purchased the russian tulle, but I haven't attempted to do anything with it yet.  I'm normally a pretty crafty, creative person but for some reason I haven't been so when it comes to my wedding, maybe because people keep telling me to not stress myself out and just buy the things I need.  Which sounds great, except I'm on a budget here, I need a new kitchen after this wedding! Anyway, here are a few veils I like:
Jennifer Leigh              Birdcage Veils

I have to admit that the Tigerlilly veil is my favorite, but the $700 price tag, is a little out of my price range!  I'm sure my future husband would rather have a dishwasher (among other things)!

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